Materials 2024#04

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The newsletter of raw materials & delicate inspirations by Laurent PASSE,
creative cabinetmaker in Provence
April 2024

Let’s sit down

In the very essence of the dining table we discover the theater of everyday life.

As Socrates suggested, it is around this sacred circle that souls are nourished as much by food as by dialogue. Like a Platonic banquet, each meal offers an opportunity to transcend matter to reach deeper truths.

Much more than a simple piece of furniture, the dining table embodies human communion, find here an anthology of tables created in recent years!


Soudain l’été dernier

Laurent PASSE tables are renowned for their raw character and very assertive texture. Soudain l’été dernier continues this tradition of robustness, grace and durability.

Tabula rasa

The Tabula Rasa is a table whose main characteristic is to preserve the curvatures of the tree on the edge. The species may be different depending on the woods we source.


The design of the Sméraldo table is full of contrasts. Its straight lines and its massive appearance are in opposition to its light, rounded foot. A table with an inimitable style!