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Laurent PASSE is a cabinetmaker and founder of the company LPasse Design dedicated to the creation and design of interiors, as well as publishing of furniture. Son of antique dealers and expert in medieval art, he drew his love of ancient materials from his family heritage. Laurent began his career in cabinetmaking and improved over the years in stone cutting and ironwork.

Laurent PASSE, french cabinet maker

Spirit & matter

This atypical combination quite simply reveals his desire to transform matter in the service of beauty. Out of loyalty to his roots, he perfected his gesture through research into ancient techniques for shaping wood or stone. With this keen knowledge of the know-how of yesteryear, he supports professionals and individuals in their home layout or decoration projects for specific needs or in their entirety.

In 2001, with his experience and knowledge of 17th and 18th century decor and furniture, he created his business, starting with the restoration of old doors. In 2009, Laurent decided to diversify his field of action, and experimented with creating kitchens on the advice of loyal customers. It has since continued to deploy a wide range of products, including furniture as today.

“.. it is Laurent PASSE, cabinetmaker specializing in upcycling, master of recycled wood, who accompanied this approach. Its materials are in turn burned, painted, natural. They dress and give spirit to the place.”

Laurence DOUGIER
Côté Sud – Juin 2021
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“Even more than its beauty, the energy of old wood is incomparable,” explains this wabi-sabi fan for whom the wear and tear of time makes objects more moving and desirable.”

Betinna LAFOND
ElleDécoration – Octobre 2021

Know-how at the service of an Intention

Upcycling is in the company’s DNA. Laurent and his team work every day to add “extra soul”. As wood alchemists, they transform old materials in this workshop which becomes the athanor, where an old Burgundian barn floor becomes a table for guests. Laurent PASSE skilfully combines old materials and cutting-edge technologies and adorns our interiors with old wagon floors, barn floors, old wooden Rhône bridges, or cheese boards…

For several years, Laurent has been perfecting the “shou sugi ban” technique which allows wood to be tinted and protected with fire and not with synthetic products. The gradual abandonment of petroleum products is also part of the eco-responsible approach initiated several years ago. Burning wood here also reflects a symbolic and, so to speak, spiritual approach in the creation of furniture.

Laurent PASSE is a cabinetmaker, but behind the craftsman hides a real temperament. Explorer of forms, adventurer in new projects, alchemist of materials, he recovers the soul of experience, transposes the nobility of ancient woods into contemporary pieces. In his workshop, he recycles doors, woodwork, parquet floors which, once passed under the flame of his creativity, transform into sculptural kitchens, bathroom furniture, dressing rooms, designer furniture… with him, nothing is impossible!

Côté Sud – Juillet Août 2020