Materials 2024#02

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The newsletter of raw materials & delicate inspirations by Laurent PASSE, creative cabinetmaker in Provence
February 2024 – English version

This letter is called “Materials”, yes, we give pride of place to all the materials that adorn the workshop. And mainly old woods that we recover in different states. These woods have an experience, a history, always linked to their first use. This worn, sometimes tortured material is the “salt” of our life as a cabinetmaker.

It’s been quite a few years since I realized that this salt is equivocal. Because all creations that pass through our hands often have a vibration. Something that tends to reveal an extra soul, an emotion. This vibration is sulfur! It is the creative agitation that the cabinetmaker transmits to the material because he puts a lot of himself into it. And it will take a lot of energy and a little suffering for the magic to work.


Soudain l’été dernier

Soudain l’été dernier is a raw-looking table made of old barn flooring. The particularity of this table lies in its edges which leave the grooves of the old floor visible. It is available in a natural finish (pine or oak most often) or Yakisugi (burnt wood).

Our tables are renowned for their raw character and very assertive texture. Soudain l’été dernier continues this tradition by mixing robustness and the service of sustainability.

Dimensions: L 250 x D 100 x H 74 CM
Production time : 6 to 10 weeks
Price: from €7,200


During a stay in the foothills of Mont Ventoux, the idea came to me to rediscover the Dentelles project!

Kitchen in pine and concrete resin, this project was carried out in collaboration with Marie Laure Helmkampf. From this alchemy of soft and warm material, was born this setting with a happy association.

The spirit of white concrete combines to the highest degree with the soul of old wood… all that is missing is the body of the cook on the pictures to complete this famous trilogy.

Pictures by Nicolas Mathéus

Reading advice?

We often share here the readings that advance our research. This is the case, for example, with Les Pierres Sauvages by Fernand Pouillon, or Eloge de l’ombre by Junichiô Tanizaki.

This month we present to you what we would like to read in the coming months. We are also waiting for your own suggestions…

  • “A Modern Way to Live : Life Lessons from The Modern House” de Matt Gibberd, 2022
  • “La légende dorée” by Jacques de Voragine, 1261
  • “Jean-Michel Franck”, published by Assouline, 2019
  • “Gio Ponti”, publié chez Taschen, soon available
  • “La beauté du seuil”, de Teiji Ito, published by CNRS éditions, 2021

Occhinello Villa

This is a project for which we have not yet communicated on our site, but I could not resist presenting it to you in this February letter.

Currently in Corsica near the Villa Occhinello, the wood chisel in one hand, the glass of myrtle in the other, I find with delight this project that was finalized last year, my eyes and heart filled with joy and pride .

The kitchen, the island, the dining table, and the kitchenette of the extension are our modest stone in this building located on the heights of Propriano. And for those who don’t yet have a Laurent Passe kitchen – I see some of you – know that the Occhinello villa is available for rent on AirBnB to test the kitchen in particular 🙂 but above all to taste the art of living in Southern Corsica!


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