Materials 2023#12

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The newsletter of raw materials & delicate inspirations by Laurent PASSE, creative cabinetmaker in Provence
December 2023 – English version

And from this land of enlightenment they came down to the lands below, the lands of darkness, to bring light there.” Snorri Sturluson

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! December is a sign of the return of Light. What better way to celebrate life and conviviality than to highlight the symbolic object par excellence: the dining table !

Psyche’s Rapture

When mythology meets design, the result is the Psyché table. Oval, raw edge, straight, non-rectilinear legs, which provides movement and energy to the whole. Made from old oak, it is available in 3 sizes and in a burnt wood finish:

small model 180cm x 100cm: 4 to 6 people
medium 220cm x 115cm: 6 to 8 people
large 260cm x 125cm: 8 to 10 people

Psyché Table on our website

24 piece cutlery set designed by Cinti Gianni, at Sambonnet, black Jungle model

Carafe by master glassmaker Massimo Lunardon based near Venice

Ester & Erik cone candle

Arco Led Floor Lamp by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos, 1962

Spaghetti chair by designer Giandomenico Belotti at Alias

Ceramics by Sylvie Villepontoux based in Marseille

Style it with: here is a selection of objects to associate with the Psyché table. They are available for sale through us if you wish.

Hit Again: young talents expose themselves

Be part of the history of art while imagining a world of tomorrow that can still be represented: this is the principle of the “Hit” – the cult object, quickly identifiable, impactful, timeless, timeless… there you go the injunction which rests on the shoulders of every creator, and which the exhibition “Hit Again” proposes to reveal through the eyes of the young generation of artists.

The Métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée and the Villa Noailles art center are hosting this exhibition of the Révélations Emerige Scholarship at the Hôtel des Arts until January 27, 2024! To taste Eat again.

Kitchen : Light of Gordes

“Litgh of Gordes” is a project where raw wood reveals white concrete. Between the warmth of wood and the uniqueness of light, these are the key words of the project that we have just carried out in collaboration with interior designer Marie-Laure Helmkampf.

We love the harmony of shapes and colors of this house. The apparent simplicity of the result awakens happy sobriety. In any case we hope so for our customers whom we thank for their trust.

“A house is a machine for living. The house must be the screen of life, the machine of happiness.”

Le Corbusier

Master Craftsman certification in craftsmanship

I would first like to express my deep gratitude to the Chambre des Métiers du Gard for having honored me with the prestigious title of “Master Craftsman in Artistic Professions”. It is with immense pride that I receive this recognition, and I wish to share this exceptional moment with the entire team who contributed to this success.

As a passionate cabinetmaker, my professional journey has been punctuated by enriching experiences and stimulating challenges. The creation of exceptional kitchens and extraordinary furniture has always been at the heart of my artistic approach, this distinction underlines the constant commitment to excellence in my profession.

As a business manager, leading a team of ten employees is an extraordinary human and entrepreneurial adventure. Passion for woodworking drives us, and the quest for perfection contributes significantly to the success of our business. Together, we have taken on challenges, brought unique projects to fruition and created an environment where creativity and artisanal know-how are valued.

I would like to express my gratitude also to all our customers, because it is thanks to their trust that we have been able to reach such heights. This distinction reinforces our commitment to artistic craftsmanship and stimulates our desire to continue creating exceptional pieces.

Thank you to the Chambre des Métiers du Gard for this honor, and thank you to my wonderful team who make every day a new page in the history of our company.


The tables at Laurent PASSE it is also