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Very far away, deep in the secret of our soul, a horse prances… a horse, the horse! Symbol of surging force, the power of movement, of action.

DH Lawrence

From a kitchen with cheese board facades and polished concrete jambs, comes this project with a timeless and iconic appearance.

It needed an atypical combination to fit the personality of its owners.

After installing the jamb in a masonry style, we apply the tinted resin concrete in harmony with the texture of the cheese boards. We chose to combine metal handles created to measure in the workshop. The stone sink and the white zelliges are sourced from our partner Provence Matériaux Anciens.

These old pine cheese boards are becoming a new material that we are using as a connecting or cupboard door for this bohemian-style home.

This project located in the Lubéron was carried out in collaboration with architects Thibaud Parthiot and Diane Reynier.