Materials 2024#06

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The newsletter of raw materials & delicate inspirations by Laurent PASSE,
creative cabinetmaker in Provence
June 2024

It is no coincidence that it is called “The Beauty Island”. For several months, an energy has been drawing me inexorably to this island for projects, each more beautiful than the previous one. 

Even if my Provençal roots are deep inside of me, it must admit that in Corsica, Beauty is cultivated, maintained and experienced. Much more than a visual shock, we must perceive Beauty as a whole. A revelation that is at once aesthetic, human, and philosophical. 

Plato defines beauty as “the splendor of truth”. 

This June letter will be a nod to these weeks spent in Corsica with my team exploring the paths of Beauty !


Workout notebook

I don’t often share images of construction sites here. Yet the beauty is already on these projects in progress. Both close to Calvi for one, and Porto-Vecchio for the other, they will undoubtedly be emblematic of our very particular universe and know-how.

Pignòttu di Proprià

Benvinuti in this haven of light, a stone’s throw from the Gulf of Valinco, in Propiano. As soon as you enter this residence, a pleasant atmosphere welcomes you, bathed in this unique light which gives this space a warm and enveloping, almost protective aura.

In this kitchen, we sought to capture these same virtues, to infuse them into every detail. White zelliges, old planed oak, white concrete blend harmoniously with the terracotta floor, thus preserving the authenticity of the space. Two large openings invite the surrounding nature to enter and mingle inside. This search for harmony between inside and outside, recalls this quest that we all seek.

Villa Occhinello

I have already had the opportunity to present this magnificent residence nestled in the scrubland on the heights of Propriano. But I cannot resist once again giving you some pictures of this magnificent place, where the art of beauty rubs shoulders with the art of hosting in this guest house visible on AirBnB.

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